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Clarus Quick Ship

Your favorite glass boards shipped to you in just two business days.  Sometimes the need for an incredible writing surface is immediate — our Quick Ship program was created to make you the hero. Qualifying orders will ship within two business days of a purchase order.


Clarus View

Projection Glass, View projection glass is an evolutionary step in glass boards. As the first ever high-definition, glass writing surface that can be projected on — View sets the standard for all projection surfaces to come. With its clean lines, clarity of picture, and beautiful, space-saving design, View serves as the ultimate multi-functional projection surface.

Clarus Go Mobile

Clarus Go! Mobile

We designed go! Mobile to be the most designer friendly collaborative board ever. go! Mobile provides the freedom to creatively express, design, and inspire in your own way. Create an original statement piece with go! Mobile. Let your imagination run wild.


Clarus Glide

Space in the modern office is at a premium, and designers are being asked to add more function into less space. That is why we designed Glide, the first-of-its-kind solution, to take stunning glass markerboards and give them dimension.  Glide is a fully integrated, sliding glass board system with concealed hardware, designed to allow sliding glass panels to smoothly move across the face of fixed, wall-mounted panels. Glide’s three- dimensional system maximizes existing wall space, providing hundreds of square feet of glass writing surface in one compact design.

Clarus Float Transition

When inspiration strikes, make sure you have the perfect canvas to capture your creativity. While maintaining the sleek design and concealed hardware of the traditional Float™ glass board, Float Transition allows you to interchange your graphics, signage, or artwork as inspiration arises. The proprietary hardware, designed by Clarus engineers, not only allows for easier mounting on uneven surfaces, but also features spring-loaded pressure points that enables users to utilize graphic inserts of various thicknesses up to 1/4”.


Clarus Float and Depth

The original glass boards, Float and Depth, are the modern version of the traditional whiteboard. Choose your mounting style and elevate any interior with our wall-mounted glass boards.  When inspiration strikes, make sure you have the perfect canvas to capture your creativity.

Clarus Flip

Why limit a glass board to one side? Re-think the way work spaces use writable surfaces with Flip by Clarus. Flip allows both sides of a Clarus board to be utilized for a heightened design aesthetic and elegant functionality.

Clarus Flex Mobile

Flex Mobile is the most elegant, functional glass board on wheels ever brought to market. Its wide, strong base gives Flex an Eiffel Tower elegance, while providing increased functionality and stability to the writable glassboard.

Clarus Higher Education

Collaborative spaces encourage learning outside the classroom, and they’re becoming the norm around college campuses. But that doesn’t mean the traditional classroom and lecture hall have become obsolete just yet.

Clarus Healthboard

When raising the bar is part of your DNA, it’s natural to expect more from the products you encounter in life.  This is the story of how Healthboard was born.  Clarus board member Andy Philipp was at the hospital for his second child’s birth when he noticed a glaring opportunity in front of him. He was standing in a perfectly clean hospital room, with one exception – a dirty, stained patient board on the wall of his wife’s maternity ward room.

Clarus Wall2Wall

Floor to ceiling, edge to edge. Your creativity should have no bounds.  Wrap an office from floor to ceiling in beautiful Clarus Wall2Wall Glass to create the perfect space, or selectively integrate custom Clarus Glass into your environment. Let your walls become your creativity canvas.

Clarus Spots and Dots

Add distinct patterns and grids to your glass board.  Spots & Dots step outside the box of traditional glass board designs, setting the stage for organized note-taking, with a layered design aesthetic. Make your glass board sharp and timeless with Grid, bring life into your space with Dots, or add some of both to create playful structure.

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